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6 London » 6London

6 London

Why 6London? It's easy to remember, it's easy to say, it's 6London!

What does 6London mean? This site is called 6London because it covers 6 different aspects of the capital of England - the exciting city of London. If you look at a cube from all 6 sides, you can see all its faces. Similarly we've covered the 6 important facets of the cosmopolitan city of London, on 6London.

The 6 facets of London covered by 6London are:

Hotels in London - 6London provides detailed information about the luxury hotels and four star hotels in London, so you can choose the right hotel in London, for your stay in the city.

Tourist attractions in London - From the historic attractions of the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, to the modern attractions of The Millennium Bridge and London Eye, you can find out more about them all, on 6London.

Entertainment in London - Whether its sports or opera, pub culture or theatre in London that interests you, you'll find entertainment in London caters to a variety of interests, and so does 6 London.

Museums and Art Galleries in London - London is one of the centers of culture with many fine museums and art galleries that showcase the historic, scientific and cultural heritage of the world. Learn more about the museums and art galleries of London on 6London.

Transport in London - How to get around London, by bus, taxi, minicab or the underground? Find out about transport in London on 6 London.

Excursions from London - Travel to the university towns of Oxford and Cambridge or the fascinating prehistoric site of Stonehenge, on excursions from London with 6London.

6London offers information on 6 different aspects of London city. Travel to London with 6London and have a memorable time. For more information or to book a tour, please enter your query in the form below.

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