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Flights To London

Never before has long haul travel to London been so affordable and convenient.

With the arrival of budget and no-frills airlines not only London, but Europe as a whole has become a lot smaller for everyone. Airline tickets are being offered at unbelievably low and heavily discounted price. There are certain schemes wherein you only need to pay the airport tax.

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Boarding the London Flights: Take Care of Some Points

While traveling to London, make sure that all the aspects of your journey are well planned.For instance, travel to and from the airport, foreign currency, hotel booking, travel insurance and car hire. Also make sure that your passport is valid and have the requisite visa and health certificate.

Perfectly Secured Airports

As far as safety and security is concerned, needless to say, all the London airports are heavily protected post 9/11. Always try to reach the airport well in advance of your check-in time and remember to keep your baggage with you at all times.Normally passengers are required to pass through a metal detector. However, if you have pace maker, there are provisions for hand search. Some passengers and flights may be intensively searched and you are required to oblige with the security parameters in place.

Be smart with your packing and do not carry items that are safety hazards like scissors, knives, household cutlery, needles, darts, flammable liquids and solids, any gas cylinder to name just a few of the items that are categorized as "dangerous" by airlines the world over.

Passes Available to Travel Europe

These days with burgeoning growth of budget travel, air tickets to London are very easy to purchase. For instance, British Airways offers a great value for money offer in the form of - "Europe Air Pass". But they are only available to British Airways travelers who hail from countries outside of Europe. There is also the fabulous - "Discover Europe Pass" provided by British Midlands, which are available to residents of non-European countries.
You must be very careful when you purchase cheap tickets. For instance, you might not be entitled to change dates or times, or receive a refund if you do not travel on the due date of travel.

Of course, London is the best place to buy horribly cheap air-tickets. If you have friends and acquaintances in UK, they can be of great help to you.

All the London airports are well connected to the city center. But don't hire a taxi from any London airports. They generally charge an exorbitant rate. Going by train or bus is more advisable. For instance London Heathrow is well connected by both the London Underground (Tube) as well as round the clock bus services. Similarly, London Gatwick has the fabulous Gatwick Express, which connects Gatwick to the London city center.

A word of caution towards the end. We are all human after all and in spite of our good intentions, passports do get lost. Thus, it is always advisable to keep a photocopy of the passport with you. If you happen to loose your passport, do not panic. Report your missing passport to the UK Passport Service.