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Covent Garden

Going to London on a vacation? Read on to know about the attractions and things to do in Covent Garden, the hip and happening marketing district in London
Covent Garden is known as the busy shopping district in London. This fabulous place is a popular haunt for the local residents as well as visitors to London. The place has many shops, stalls and stores where you can get everything on a good bargain. There is a vegetable market, a flower market, an antique market and shopping centers devoted to many other things. This is an old region of London that has come into prominence in recent times due to increased economic activities.

Attractions in Covent Garden

The beautiful Covent Garden boasts of a number of attractions for its visitors. These are

Royal Opera House

This old theatre building is a popular place. Londoners love to go out to this royal theatre to watch grand dramatic performances in the evening. It is also a venue for fabulous concerts and ballet performances. It is one of the best Covent Garden attractions

Sir John Soane's Museum

This fantastic London attraction houses stunning paintings, antiques and furniture of the Renaissance era. You cam also find Medieval and Egyptian artifacts and art objects. This well-maintained museum is a delight foor every visitor.

London Transport Museum

This magnificent building showcases the art and objects from Londonís transport corporation. You can watch the display of many old British bus, trams and railway carriages. You can get a complete knowledge about the development of Britainís transport system.

The popularity of Covent Garden

Visitors coming to London are often found looking for attractions and things to do near Covent Garden. The reason is not hard to find. Covent Garden has a vibrant marketplace.

There are also many entertainment avenues in this London area. This makes this dynamic place a much sought after destination. Many tourists to London in fact, choose to live in this area. A number of hotels and lodges in the area make finding accommodation very easy here.

Things to do in Covent Garden

Looking for tips about interesting activities near Covent Garden? Go through these assistive tips to know what you can do in Covent Garden.

  1. Love to shop? The Covent Garden Plazza is the place for you then. This is the actual marketplace of Covent Garden where you can find everything from foods to jewelries.
  2. Visit the National Portrait Gallery. This art gallery consists of magnificent portraits of famous British personalities as well as sculptures, photographs and drawings.
  3. Go shopping in the Jubilee Market of Covent Garden. This wonderful antique market has shops selling a range of fabulous antique pieces. You can buy a good antique at a good price to add to your collection.
  4. If you are visiting London in winter, you must visit the Somerset House in Covent Garden. The building consists of amazing paintings featuring the rich European heritage. You can also enjoy ice-skating in Fountain Rink inside the Somerset House.
Loved reading about the attractions and things to do near Covent Garden? Check out the place and enjoy the fun yourself.