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Festival in London

London is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic city. It is a city where people of different nationalities, religion, and culture live in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Consequently different festivals pertaining to religion are celebrated here. For example, religious festivals like Christmas and Deepavali or festival of lights are both celebrated in London. At the same time London is also home to numerous cultural and other festivals that are celebrated all throughout the year, like Brick Lane Festival, Chelsea Floral Show, London Film Festival, Rise Festival, and Streatham Festival.

Brick Lane is one of the celebrated streets in London and every year on the second Sunday of September Brick Lane Festival is celebrated. The festival showcases a rich blend of culture, history, live music, films and food.

Chelsea Floral Show is one of the premier floral shows in United Kingdom. The exhibition in london highlights the latest trends in gardening equipment & sundries and floral art.

The London Film Festival is an important event in the city and especially for the film lovers. It is one of the premier film festivals in the world and showcases the films of talented and acclaimed directors from all across the world. Besides this the festival also hosts seminars on various aspects of the filmmaking.

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