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Music in London

London has a vibrant music industry, which is known for its diversity and rich heritage. The city of London does play a pivotal role in shaping the present day contemporary global music scene. Like any other capital cities, London is replete with numerous renowned and hallowed musical venues attracting not only the renowned musicians but also the promising young ones. Whatever be your musical inclinations, you are sure to come across one of your favorite musician who might be performing in any of London's elite musical venues.

Below, a list of London's most renowned and prestigious music venues have been highlighted with brief summary accompanying each one to aid you in your search for London's musical venues.

Earl's Court: The Earl's Court is a magnificent venue and regularly hosts some of the world's biggest names in the field of Rock & Roll and Pop acts. There may be music enthusiasts who tend to believe that the acoustic system is not up to the mark as also the ambience, which might be dismal according to their high standards. But, if one considers the reasonably priced tickets and Earls Court's proximity to the London Underground, it more than makes up for its flaws which incidentally isn't all that bad as it is made out to be.

Hammersmith Apollo: Located at Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith Apollo is a Theatre style all-seater venue which not only is equipped with state of the art acoustic system but also a lively and vivacious ambience. Its proximity to Tube is one great advantage.

Royal Albert Hall: The Royal Albert Hall is one of London's most prestigious and renowned music venues. Although this renowned venue is more popular for hosting world class concerts, over the years, the magnificent Royal Albert Hall has been staging Rock & Roll acts and in the recent past Rock legends of the stature of Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and Bryan Adams have all performed their high voltage concerts here.

Wembley Arena: The Wembley arena is strategically located at Empire Way, Wembley. Presently it is up for repairs and an ambitious £29 million renovation is currently underway which means the Wembley Arena is closed until January 2006. These days, the 10,000 seater mini Wembly Area Pavilion has been regularly hosting high profile music concerts. But, all is not well with the Pavilion and recently the Pavilion came in for scathing criticism by a member of the world famous Rock band-Queen who complained about the inadequate seating arrangements available at Wembley Arena.

Astoria: Located in Charing Cross Road, Soho, Astoria stages Rock & Roll concerts on a regular basis. Astoria does look shadowy and dingy from the outside but it does pack a punch during concerts. Acoustic systems are fabulous and lighting too is generally of a high standard. Above all, Astoria being centrally located at Charing Cross is indeed one of its greatest advantages.

Brixton Academy: Brixton Academy is located at 211 Stockwell Road and its hallowed presence is very much there in London's concert trail. The academy encourages promising bands. Blockbuster bands very often use the academy as a nice balmy warm up site. It has a moderate sitting capacity of just 4000 spectators, which is fair enough for a respectable concert. But the academy's acoustic system is the weak point and in urgent need of upgrading.

The Garage: Located at 22-24 Highbury Corner, it is the bastion of Indie bands and lesser known bands perform upstairs of Garage.

The Grand: Located in 21-25 St. John's Hill, this concert venue has carved a niche for itself as far as hosting promising bands are concerned. The Clapham area has a bustling Pub culture and attending a concert at Grand can make for a truly enchanting experience.

Rock Garden: Located at 6-7 The Piazza, Covent Garden, it has all along been the bastion of conventional Rock concerts. Although as a music venue it is by no means an "A" grade venue. But since it is strategically located at the up market Covent Garden guarantees that Rock Garden is always packed with audiences with overseas tourists making the bulk of the crowd.

Shepherd's Bush Empire: Located strategically at Shepherd's Bush area of London, it is undoubtedly London's most excellent small music venue and it regularly hosts Rock, Indie and Pop concerts. With its state of the art acoustics and gorgeous interiors, the Empire makes for a perfect music venue.

Apart from contemporary musical venues mentioned above which are mostly preferred by Rock & Roll bands, London also has some high quality Jazz venues -
606 Club: This club is located in 90 Lots Road, Chelsea which is not only a committed Jazz venue but also doubles up as a Food Court in the posh Chelsea setting. There is no entry fee though.

Jazz Café: Located in Camden, the Jazz Café is an exceedingly popular Jazz venue in London, which is owned and managed by the renowned Mean Fiddler Group. Apart from Jazz, Soul and World Music too are staged at Jazz Café.

Pizza Express Jazz Club: This club is located in 10 Dean Street, Soho and often attracts renowned global Jazz musicians apart from doling out lip smacking pizzas.

Ronnie Scott's: Located in 47 Frith Street in Soho, Ronie Scot's is undoubtedly London's most prestigious Jazz venue. Not surprisingly, Ronnie Scott's attracts some of the big names of Jazz. This impressive Jazz venue is a must visit site for the quintessential Jazz enthusiast.

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