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London Night Life

Undoubtedly, London has the most pulsating nightlife in the whole of Europe. London nightclubs provide a bewildering array of music. Whatever be your musical inclination, rock & roll, trance, techno, Indi Pop or even country music, London's nightclubs provide all these and much, much more.

Ministry of Sound, 93 Fleet East, The Hippodrome, Hanover Grand, Café de Paris immediately comes to mind as far as London night clubs are concerned.

For a weekend blast, Soho in Covent Garden is ideal. In the nightclubs of London, you can actually feel the bars bleed through the sound box. Some of the biggest names in techno and hip-hop can be seen performing in many of London's upscale nightclubs.

Saturdays in London nightclubs are a glitzy affair with some of Europe's best DJ's performing. The nightclubs usually are open till the wee hours of the morning.

The diversity of nightclubs in London is astounding. From lively dance floors of designer clubs to the discrete privacy of smaller clubs, London has it all.

The Jazz scene in London too is great. Some of the popular jazz venues include Pizza Express Jazz Club and Ronnie Scott's. Jazz performances are often held around Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

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