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Cambridge London Excursions

Cambridge with its renowned university and a plethora of architectural and historic edifices is a great destination for tourists who have the desire to spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of London's fast paced life.

Today, Cambridge is a harmonious blend of the traditional and the contemporary. This is the place, which has encouraged luminaries of the stature of Darwin, Newton, Wordsworth, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle and Stephen Hawking to name just a few.

Urban life is so demanding that once in a while it makes great sense to venture out to an idyllic place like Cambridge, a Cambridge of Brooke and Byron, of daffodils and green open spaces. Undoubtedly, Cambridge and its picturesque surroundings provide unparalleled vistas of the scenic Eastern part of England.

Cambridge is an old city. In fact archaeologists have found relics that date back to the Stone Age. Cambridgeshire is a country in East England consisting of old Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire and the beautiful Isle of Ely.
Apart from its rich past and centuries old traditions, Cambridge has embraced advanced technology and is at the forefront of shaping the new age global village that we live in. It is a gem of a place in England's crown and is easily one of the most elegant cities that you will come across in the whole of UK. Take for instance Newmarket, which is located just 13 miles to the east of Cambridge, which is renowned as the bastion of British horseracing.

In fact, New market has a rich monarchical legacy and no wonder horseracing was the favorite past time of British monarchs. Today, some of Newmarket's stunning racecourses hosts more than 200 races a year and attracts some of the world's elite horse racers. What is more, one of Europe's biggest auction houses for horses - "Tattersalls" is based in New Market.

Another place worth visiting is Ely, which was once a wilderness area full of marshy land. Today, Ely is a far more aesthetic place, then what it used to be in the days of yore. A must see site is the stupendous Ely Cathedral which is actually a Norman Cathedral built way back in 1081. Today this magnificent cathedral stands like a sentinel over the flat Ely landscape and is considered as one of UK's outstanding cathedral.

Then there is historical Huntingdon, which is nestled by the side of River Great Ouse, well known for being the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell, former Lord Protector and head of Roundheads. The Cromwell Museum is well worth a visit, which depicts his legacy through his personal belongings and paintings. Another great place to visit is the Huntingdon Racecourse, which has a circuit of 1 mile 3 Furlongs with nine fences. If you are visiting Cambridge in the month of November, try to coincide your trip during the prestigious Peterborough Chase.

Cambridge London is replete with Museums, big and small. One of the University's oldest museums is the Sedgwick Museum located at Downing Street. It has one of the finest collection of fossils, a staggering one million of them dating back to some 3000 million years. The museum also showcases Charles Darwin's Beagle rocks and the stunning mineral gallery is a recent addition, which showcases the fascinating world of minerals and gemstones.

There is also the Folk Museum, Kettle's Yard Museum, Imperial War Museum, The Farmland Museum, The Whipple Museum, The Cambridge Museum of Technology to name just a few which are virtual storehouses of information.

Besides museums, Cambridge happens to be the venue for the Cambridge Folk Festival which is renowned for its diverse folk music and attracts folk musicians from not only UK and Ireland but also from far away US. In the past, the festival has attracted some of the biggest musicians and folk artists from across the world.

One great place to discover the rural charms of Cambridgeshire is the Farmland Museum, which depicts the evolution of farming in Cambridgeshire through the ages. A miniature village shop, which portrays a splendid 17th century stone barn along with workshops depicting a basket maker and a blacksmith.

There is a beautiful abbey - Denny Abbey which is replete with stunning Norman décor. In the days of yore it used to house the Benedictine monks and also the Franciscan nuns. The 14th century nun's refectory and the well-furnished rooms of the Countess of Pembroke are well worth a visit.

No visit to Cambridge is complete without a visit to Cambridge University Botanic Garden located at Bateman Street. The garden is replete with wide variety of trees and shrubs. The Rock Garden in particular has one of the finest collections of Alpine plants from all the continents. There are water bodies inside the garden, which attracts wide variety of birds. The tropical rainforest too is superb. As far as indigenous British plants are concerned, one of the finest collections of them is available at this superb garden. A recent addition to the garden is the Genetic Garden, which exhibits the scientific manner in which genetic manipulation can produce astonishing diversity of plant life.

Cambridge excursions with its idyllic locals and historical buildings along with good transport linkages with the rest of UK, can be a marvelous holiday destination for stressed out Londoners and even overseas tourists who want to explore Britain's idyllic country sides and medieval history.

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