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In terms historical and architectural grandeur, the beautiful University town of Oxford is one of Britain's most picturesque cities. The world famous Oxford University is the piece de resistance of the city. Way back from the 9th century, this hallowed university has been the bastion of not only renowned international scholars but also of royalty.

Oxford: A Continuously Evolving City

Although the city is steeped in history, it has continuously evolved with changing times and today, apart from its historical edifices,

Oxford is a vibrant modern city in its own rights where tradition and modernity has blended in a perfect harmony. Designer Malls to Museums and shopping to sanctified churches, Oxford has it all and much more.

A City Replete with Historical Architectures

Oxford University established in 1214 is one of Britain's most renowned University and has as many as 30 colleges which are affiliated to it.
Surprisingly, there is no Campus as such but the entire University premises is replete with historical edifices, which houses many of the Colleges. The Bodlean Library, the Radcliffe Camera, The Sheldonian Theatre and The Ashmolean museum are renowned historical buildings which lends character to present day Oxford University.

By far, the best way of exploring Oxford University rich past, as also it's scenic and picturesque surroundings, is by walking.
There are a few vantage points, which provide breathtaking vistas of the city. For instance, the top of Carfax Tower and even the University Church located at High Street, both of which provide uninterrupted views of Oxford City.

It would perhaps be appropriate to mention that one part of Oxford is exclusively meant for commerce while the other half consists of residential quarters.

Sight seeing options at Oxford
The city of Oxford has a delightful array of sight seeing options for the discerning tourist.

For instance the marvelous Oxford University Museum of National History which is housed in a splendid Gothic edifice on Parks Road is a must see site for first time visitors to Oxford. There is also the Pitt Rivers Museum just adjacent to the University Museum, which showcases a 19th century explorer's collection of artifacts. The Balfour Building too is worth a visit, which is renowned for its fine collection of classical music instruments.

Among all the colleges that dot the Oxford University landscape, the Christ Church College is easily the biggest of the lot and the College Chapel doubles up as Oxford Cathedral and a visit to this cathedral is indeed very rewarding.

If you venture towards the eastern side of Oxford, make it a point to travel down the picturesque High Street, regarded as the most beautiful street in Europe. Two of Oxford's most impressive parks - Headington Hill Park and South Park are located in east Oxford. For Abbey enthusiasts, Osney, which is just a stone's throw away from the Rail station is a 12th century historical Augustinian abbey. Up north is Jericho where the prestigious Oxford University Press has its office. A few remarkable English pubs are located on the Walton Street neighborhood.

Ever dreamt of spending quality time in acres of undulating grasslands with horses and cattle grazing? And if there is a sparkling rivulet flowing close by, is it not experiencing Eden on earth? Well, then, Port Meadow is all these and much more, with 350 acres of grasslands and the adjoining River Thames flowing gently.

As far as pastoral Britain is concerned, head towards Wolvercote and bask in the glory of the majestic Benedictine Abbey of Godstow. Walk along the picturesque streets of Wolvercote and drop into one of its charming old England pubs to indulge in a few pegs of your favorite tipple.

Don't miss out on St. Giles located at the south of Oxford, which is home to the world famous Ashmolean Museum. The beautiful Christ church Meadow has a few trails that follow the river and makes for a vantage position to view the all-important Oxford University Boat Race. There is also another interesting alleyway that leads to the Botanical Gardens and one comes across a commemorative plaque of the infamous balloon flight of James Sadler in the year 1784.

All in all, Oxford with its manifold attractions, its historic edifices, grasslands and meadows, its tree-lined streets and quaint shopping malls makes for an enchanting excursion out of London. Oxford is quite a change from the din and bustle of London. Oxford Hotel London also offers you excellent facilities so dont miss the oxford hotel london tour.

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