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Festivals in London

The gorgeous city of London can be an ideal place to make a tour to. The various Festivals in London add to the vibrancy of the city. Festivals here range from film festivals to theater festivals, design festivals to even whisky festivals. Bringing people under one umbrella of merriment and festive mood, the festivals here celebrate togetherness and love for a common cause.

The Festivals in London include the Thames Festival in London. This festival is celebrated to mark the importance of the Thames River in the lives of the people living in London.
This colorful festival includes a great deal of street theater, music and circus. This is the largest free open-air festival of the city.

The London International Festival of Theater sees the participation of big theater personalities from all over the United Kingdom. Picking up contemporary issues, the audience at this festival is formed of actors, writers, musicians and directors from various parts of the country. This is truly one of the greatest Events in London.

The London Mime Festival is one of the most renowned annual Festivals in London. From the year 1977, this is one of the most celebrated visual theaters of the world.

The London Film Festival is held by the British Film Institute and is one of the most vibrant Festivals in London. Dating back to as far as 1956, this festival has emerged as a famous name in the hearts of the people. The festival sees the screening of various types of movies from around the world.

The London Design Festival, started very recently in the year 2003, is an ideal place to give boost to the creative mindset of the various people of the city. The festival also sees a great deal of international participants. The famous Cardiff Design Festival has a major contribution to this festival.

The Whisky Festival in London gives you the opportunity to sample the most intoxicating whiskies from around the world. Known as the Whisky Live London, you will definitely learn more about this refreshing drink at this festival.

The month of May sees the celebration of a lot of London Festivals. The May Festivals in London include a number of festivals like the Inspirational Arts Festival, the Covent Garden May Fayre and Puppet Festival and the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival. It also embraces music and film festivals like Cambridge African Film Festival, Sci-FI-London Film Festival and the London African Music Festival. The month also sees the celebration of festivals like Buddha's Birthday Festival and Baishakhi Mela or Bengali New Year.

The London Festival Orchestra is a renowned orchestra group in England and adds the color to the festive moods of the city.

The Royal Festival Hall in London is a great place to stage various types of Festivals in London. Accommodating up to 2,900 people, this is also a popular tourist attraction while travelers Travel to London.

The East London Festival East is an annual festival that celebrates the cultural and creative life of East London.East is a six-day festival, led by the Mayor of London, that celebrates the uniquely rich creative mix of East London.

Festivals in London
Festivals in London
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