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Famous Restaurants in London

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Besides being the cultural hub of Europe, London is also known for its restaurants. There is no dearth of restaurants and food outlets in London that serve a wide range dishes from all over the world. London is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society and the multiculturalism of the city can be clearly perceived in the food of the city. A Famous Restaurants in London boats of varieties of cuisines; here you can find food of French/Algerian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Indian cuisine and Belgian cuisine.

Indian food in recent years has become very popular in Britain and there is no shortage of Indian restaurants in London. All the famous restaurants in london will offer you both North Indian and South Indian dishes. The Indian restaurants are famous for their curries and "balti" cooking. You can find some well known Indian restaurants at the Brick Lane.
You can also avail authentic Chinese food in London. Most of the Chinese restaurants are located in Chinatown, located south of Soho. Dim sum is a popular Chinese delicacy in London. In a similar manner Thai food is also easily available in London; some of the popular restaurants in the city are Esarn Kheaw, Shepherd's Bush, and Thailand. And if you savor Vietnamese food, then check out the Viet enclave in Hackney/Shoreditch, situated north of Liverpool Street.
Belgian food is fast becoming popular in London and restaurants like Belgo is gaining cult status in the city. Besides Vietnamese food, Sushi bars have also stormed London and there are numerous sushi bars in the city. Kyoto and Vancouver are two sushi bars that are expensive but offer quality food. On the other hand there are cheap sushi bars in the city like Moshi Moshi in Liverpool Station, Gilu Gulu on St Martin's Lane and Ikkyu on Newport St in Chinatown.

Apart from these dining options, there are also international fast food chains and road side food stalls interspersed all across the city, offering you lip smacking dishes that will satisfy your taste buds.

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