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One Star Hotels in London

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London, the capital of Untied Kingdom is rich in culture and history. The city is visited by a large number of people especially tourists. There are people from various walks of life who come to this city for specific purposes.

There are numerous one star hotels in London apart from the luxury hotels and resorts. If you are on the look out for a budget hotel, then these are the hotels for you. These hotels offer comfort with basic amenities at very affordable rates. Some of the two star hotels in London include

Mina House Hotel, Sara Hotel, Royal Court Apartments, Windsor House Hotel, and West Cromwell Hotel. One Star Hotels in London generally offers you rooms at very moderate prices.
The rooms are not particularly well decorated and do not feature much amenities. However, they turn out to be a good bargain for the price at which they come for. At most you would find a television, and telephone. Hotel services on offer are also less. Some one star hotels in London may offer room service and laundry service. For more information on luxury hotels in London visit
One Star Hotels in London
Mina House Hotel London Royal Court Apartments London
Sara Hotel London Windsor House Hotel London
West Cromwell Hotel London The Generator Hostel
Baker Hotel Beaver Hotel
Bentinck House Hotel Blades Hotel
The Brook Green Hotel The Hour Glass Hotel London
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