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London Architecture History

About London Architecture History

Londonís architecture offers a highly illustrated visual guide to Londonís famous architectural constructions that has become landmarks of the country. History on London architecture is sure to help you gain interesting facts behind these architectural constructions. Some of the great architectures of London have been a great name to reckon with, which almost stood as evidence to the countryís historic culture. The London architecture comprehensively offers precedence to the countryís powerful historic constructions.

London Architecture History Timeline

However, an interesting fact about 5the history on London architecture is that the city of London is not characterized by any particular style of architecture. Very few oldest constructions managed to survive the Great Fire of 1666, the prominent exceptions being the Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, and Banqueting House. The cityís architecture does boast of variant style as it made way through some of the notable architectural constructions.

Let us have a look at some of the Londonís architecture that went ahead to become famous landmarks of the city.
  1. Wren's late 17th century churches
  2. Royal Exchange of 18th 19th century
  3. Bank of England of 18th 19th century
  4. Old Bailey of 20th century (England and Wales' central criminal court)
  5. Barbican Estate of 1960s

Among the recent constructions the names that feature in the list of great architectures are:
  1. Skyscraper of1980s
  2. Tower 42
  3. Lloyd's building
  4. Swiss Re building of 2004 (known as the ďGherkinĒ).

Some of the architectural evidences like, Canary Wharf, One Canada Square, and BT Tower in Fitzrovia however manage to gain a very highlighting visual display because of the generally low skyline of London. Another interesting notable fact about the history of London architecture is that high-rise development in all sites obstructing views of St.Paulís Cathedral is restricted.

The City Hall in Southwark is another noteworthy contemporary building in London. The ovular shape of the architectural constructions gains it much precedence in the London architectural history. Other prominent constructions of the city of London are:

  1. The Great Court of the British Museum,
  2. Millennium Dome next to the Thames east of Canary Wharf.
  3. The British Library in Somers Town,
  4. The Battersea Power Station of 1933
  5. Railway termini of Victorian architecture
  6. Albert Memorial
  7. Royal Albert Hall in Kensington
  8. Marble Arch
  9. Wellington Arch
The history of London architecture prevails the fact that many constructions and monuments pay respect to the cityís culture and traditions.

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