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Norman & Medieval London

About Norman & Medieval London

History of Norman & Medieval London can be traced back to 1066 and the famous Battle of Hastings between English king Harold Godwinson and William, the Duke of Normandy.

Norman & Medieval London Timeline

The Norman invasion of Britain in 1066 is usually considered to be the beginning of the medieval period. However, scholars believe that the medieval history of London began on Christmas Day, 1066, when William the Conqueror was crowned the king of England three months after his victory over English king Harold Godwinson in the Battle of Hastings.

The first steps towards urbanization were taken by London during the Norman & Medieval period. The construction of the 'Westminster Hall' began in 1907. A landmark event in this period was the beginning of the construction of London Bridge in 1176. William the Conqueror also built the Tower of London during this period. Another interesting development during this period was the growth of London in two distinct parts Ė Westminster and the City of London. Westminster became the Royal capital and the center of government, while the City of London became the hub of trade and commerce.

London during the Norman & Medieval period also witnessed two of the most severe disasters in the history of London. Black Death, one of the deadliest pandemics in human history wiped out almost half of Londonís population in the mid-14th century. 1666 saw the outbreak of the Great Plague which wiped out nearly 20% of Londonís population.

In spite of the hardships faced, the Norman & Medieval Period was important for the overall growth and development of the city. New and important constructions like the Tower of London and the London Bridge were undertaken and there was substantial increase in trade and commerce during this period. This in turn gave a boost to the fortunes of London and it took its first steps to becoming one of the most important cities in the world.

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