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London A City of Inexhaustible Attractions

London is a city that boasts of inexhaustible attractions and landmarks. It is a city that challenges a visitor with its myriad facets, its history and its cultural heritage. London is one of the few cities in the world that is very difficult to capture at one go. In order to fully appreciate, understand and feel the city of London you can opt for the London Theme Tours. There are many companies in London that organizes London Theme Tours; these tours focus on individual aspects of the city thus enabling to appreciate the city of London as a whole.

Legal London Theme Tour

The London theme tours are countless; for example you can try out the Legal London Tour.

This tour will provide you a clear idea about the London judicial system. The tour not only concentrates on the present day judicial system of London, but also the past legal system of the city. The tour will take you to the great Inns of Court that were built way back in the 13th century. Apart from these historical sites you will also get to see the present day legal system of London represented by the Bow Street Magistrate Court, the Old Bailey, the Central Criminal Court, the House of Lords, and the Royal Court of Justice.

London- the Mecca of English Literature
London was and also is the Mecca of English literature. Many writers, poets and dramatists used to live in the city and have drawn inspiration for their works from London. Now you can witness the literary heritage of London by participating in the London Literary Tour. These tours will help you to relive the experiences of your favorite novels like The Da Vinci Code and the Harry Potter novels. You can also get to see the houses of famous litterateurs like George Bernard Shaw, Keats and Henry James.

There are also special tours to the British Parliament. The tour will enable you to explore the Houses of Parliament, known as the Palace of Westminster that was originally built in the 11th century.

Apart from these tours, there are other theme based tours organized by travel companies like Architectural London, England's Gardens, London Tube Tours, and London by Night and many more.

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