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Prince William Wedding

Time for a royal wedding! Come 29th April 2011 and Prince William and Kate Middleton unite! Kate Middleton was born on 9th January, 1982. She completed her education from St. Andrews school in Berkshire before choosing Marlborough College for her higher studies.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton met Prince William at University of St. Andrews where both studied art history. At that time, Kate was only in her second year and they started seeing each other somewhere around 2003. Their relationship has been subject to media attention since the very beginning. The couple first came into public eye in April 2004 when they were on a ski trip.

The media cooked up their personal stories during 2005 that Kate and Williams would get engaged soon. It is also assumed that she has also visited the Queen at Balmoral, however, neither Prince Charles nor the Queen have confirmed this meeting publicly. Kate has been a part of different royal family activities like the passing out ceremony of Prince William at Sandhurst military academy. In April 2007, both decided to announce that they have made plans to end their relationship.

However, even after endless controversies and rumors they finally chose the festival day of reaffirmation of love as their wedding date.

Westminster†Abbey - Venue of the wedding

Westminster Abbey- as much as thirty eight queen and kings have been crowned here. Edward the confessor laid the foundation of this abbey where stood a monastery previously. His burial remains at the Abbey in 1066 and on Christmas Eve the same year, William the Conqueror was crowned the first monarch here. The Abbey previously referred to as the Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster was reconstructed by Henry III in 1245.
Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to select this venue for their wedding because of its unmatchable beauty, its 1000 years of royal history as well as it comparative familiarity irrespective of its size. It is said to be the burial place of seventeen queens and kings. In fact, it can be rightly said that the place is known for its weddings as well as burials. Say for instance, when William will see his bride walking down the aisle, heíll also reminiscence the sore memories of this momís funeral. Pictures of the young William with his brother Prince Harry, walking behind Dianaís coffin is still fresh in our minds. Even the Queen Mother was buried at the Abbey in the year 2002. Prince Williamís great grandmother and grandmother have said their vows here at Westminster Abbey. Prince Albert who later came to be known as George VI took vows with the Queen Mother (Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon) here in April 1923. The Duke of Edinburgh, then the Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, and then Princess Elizabeth, the Queen married here on 20th November 1947.

With a capacity of 2000 guests it remains a fantastic wedding destination for royal families. Dr John Hall, the Dean of Westminster, appreciated Prince William and Kate Middletonís decision to host their wedding at the Westminster Abbey. It seems as if Prince William is following the footsteps of his ancestors.

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