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Pakistani Restaurants in London

Tired of Continental food? Does your palate desire change?

Take time off to visit a Pakistani restaurant in London for the spicy, delicious Pakistani food. It is a gourmetís delight. The aroma and the taste of the food linger for a long time to come. The meat kebabs taken with various types of Naan, a type of bread, or rice dishes, or the simmering meat in spicy gravy takes you to a new world of gastronomic delight. The Pakistani dessert is also a class in itself.

List of Pakistani Restaurants in London

Here are some of the Pakistani restaurants in London which you can simply visit with your family and friends to encounter a fine dining experience. Just have a look!

  • Chilli Chutney Waterloo:

  • Enjoy different types of Starters, Rice dishes, Chicken dishes, Lamb dishes, Tandoori Barbecue, Seafood dishes, freshly baked breads (Naan, Roti, Laccha Paratha), Desserts and few Set Menus at Chilli Chutney Waterloo.
    Contact Details: 47 York Road
    London SE1 7NJ
    Phone No: 020 7021 0202

  • Lahore Kebab House:

  • Enjoy having delicious kebabs with your near and dear ones at Lahore Kebab House in London. The kebabs really taste awesome. Visit the restaurant and check it out for yourself!
    Contact Details: 2-4 Umberston Street
    London E1 1PY
    Phone No: 020 7488 2551

  • Zayna:

  • Grab the taste of Pakistani and North Indian delicacies at Zayna in London. Samosas, Pakoras, Papdi Chanaa Chaat, Lahori Mucchi, Shami Kebab, Soups and Salads are all there to pamper your taste buds.
    Contact Details: 25 New Quebec Street,
    London, W1H 7SF
    Phone No: 020 7723 2229

  • Bundu Khan:

  • Enjoy genuine Pakistani delicacies at Bundu Khan in London. Tandoori dishes, Seafood dishes, Karahi dishes, Bundu Khan curries, Sag-O-Tarkari, Chawal-E-Bemisal, Lawazemat, Naan, Roti, Karahi Keema, Desserts and lots more are available at Bundu Khan.
    Contact Details: 43 Commercial Street,
    London E1 6BD
    Phone No: 020 7375 2595

  • Tayyabs:

  • Grab Chicken Tikka, Lamb Chops, Tandoori Chicken Pakora, Shami Kebab, Pakoras, Chicken preparations, Karahi Keema, Chana Gosht, Saag Gosht, Karahi Mixed Veg, Lahori Chickar Chana, Saag Allo, Dhall Karela, Karahi Small Prawn, Karahi King Prawn and many more at Tayyabs.
    Contact Details: 83-89, Fieldgate St. London, E1 1JU
    Phone No: 020 7247 6400