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London Tour Packages

London is touted as one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in world. Globetrotters want to see London at least once in their life so that they can tour across the fascinating spots like London Planetarium, Buckingham Palace or the London Zoo. The myriad opportunities for dining and shopping in London leave them simply spellbound. In fact, many tourists feel attracted to the vibrant nightlife of London that give them a chance to look at life’s most colorful and lively moments from different angle. From Piccadilly Circus, Tower of London and Baker Street to Hyde Park, the travelers visit every single landmark to add to their delightful experience of London tours.

However, there are so many things to do in this capital city of England, that to derive optimum pleasure, you need to have a well devised travel plan. 6London offers London Tour Packages that cover the tourist attractions of this cosmopolitan city. Our tour itineraries are planned to ensure you do not miss out on the popular highlights of London City, as well as leave ample time for you to visit places of your interest.

About London Tour Packages

The London package tours are designed keeping in mind the wide spectrum of interests of the tourists. The tourists who want to explore the charm of London as a cultural center of Europe can avail packages that offer sightseeing trips to art galleries, theaters and musical spots. These are the best venues to immerse oneself in the cultural influence of the place. However, those who find the London nightlife tours most captivating can go for a travel plan that contains visits to famous bar, pubs, parks and restaurants of the city.
The London travel packages have also been created for the art connoisseurs and intellectual travelers. Some itineraries include neat schedules for events in London. A traveler can visit the exhibition venues of the city to explore science, industrial and trade showcase. In contrast to this, many pleasure tourists cannot resist the shopping opportunities available in this city and hence, like to hop to every small and big shopping areas of the city to obtain best bets. If you are also planning a shopping tour in London, you can get the customized packages for this purpose.
Truly speaking, you can make your travel to London an ultimate joy of life by availing the most suitable travel itinerary. There are several travel agencies and tour operator companies that provide all inclusive tour itineraries for London. You can seek the assistance of the reputed or authorized ones for an experience of safe tours. Most of the itineraries that focus on sightseeing trips in London include visits to popular attractions like:
  • Royal Parks and Kensington Gardens
  • Bushy Park and Richmond Park
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theater
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Kensington Palace
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Leicester Square
  • Primrose Hill
  • Victoria Park
  • Big Ben

These tour packages offer something to appeal to every traveler. After you've booked your accommodations at one of London's many hotel rooms or timeshares for rent, you'll be able to start planning your adventures in this dynamic city!

Types of London Tour Packages

Different types of tour itineraries for London are available online. You need to pick your choice carefully. It is always better to decide first as to how you would like to explore London? The travel companies offer cruise tours, rail tours, bus tours and biking tours. You can also choose walking tours for a unique kind of tour experience. If you really want to have a fun and memorable tour, you must go for the option that you have never tried before.
Apart from this, some of the broad categories of the packaged tours are listed below. These categories have earned popularity over a certain period of time with travelers and are mostly preferred for their exciting plans. These are:
  • Holiday Packages for Full-day Sightseeing Tour in London
  • City Cruise Packages for London
  • London Excursion Tour Packages

A Small Description on the London Tour Packages

You can take a look at the details on the tour packages given below. It will enable you to understand the basic travel plans these packages contain and what more you can expect from their arrangements.

Holiday Packages for Full-day Sightseeing Tour in London:

The London vacation packages that are devised for full-day city trips try to incorporate visits to all the major attractions of the city. The private tours can be organized to Tower of London and Buckingham Palace among other major landmarks. These trips are most suitable for a traveler who will be in the city for a short span of time. If you are also visiting London on a short tour, you can opt for these types of travel plans. You can avail a chance to visit the famous St Paul's Cathedral and also to cruise on the renowned River Thames.

City Cruise Packages for London:

Thames ferry
Some of the London tour packages are designed for the tourists who want to explore the charm of the city cruising through the sprawling bed of Thames River. A cruise tour in London can be concluded in 40 minutes. You can embark on this tour to discover a different angle of the city altogether. It will be a delightful experience for you to bask in the passing views of imposing landmarks like St. Paul's Cathedral, HMS Belfast, Tate Modern and the Tower of London. You will also be able to see the mesmerizing sites like Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Shakespeare's Globe, Millennium Bridge and Houses of Parliament.

London Excursion Tour Packages:

London is a beautiful city and a wonderful place on earth to spend most enjoyable moments of life. After visiting the popular tourist attractions in London, you can go for excursion tours to further enhance your experience of vacations in the city a bit more. A day long trip is organized to the fascinating spots of Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Brighton, Canterbury and Bath. You can pick a package that specializes in offering trips to such magnificent spots.
Stonehenge is one of the most enchanting ancient sites of the world. Its origin can be traced to 3,000 to 5,000 years back from now. Built in the style of Neolithic monument, this destination is ideally perched on Salisbury Hill. Here, you will come across the fascinating views of carvings and ancient mounds.
Windsor Castle is another acclaimed attraction of England. This historical castle is the largest in the world. It commands the pristine views of the town. You will be attracted to the sturdy fortified walls of this castle and its highlights such as St. George's Chapel and State Apartments.
Brighton is a picturesque resort town in England. This elegant place is best known for its exotic nightlife and entertainment options. You can relish the splendor of Victorian and Regency architectural patterns here. In addition, the town has countless jewelry shops, which are worth visiting. You can take a tour of Pier or amusement centers in this serene town.
Bath is mainly known for its captivating Georgian architectural designs and patterns. On an excursion from London to Bath, you will encounter an array of attractive landscapes. You will witness the inescapable elegance of Pulteney Bridge and Bath Abbey; the great works of Florence’s Ponte Vecchio. However, the journey would not stop here. You would move on to delve deep in the old charm of Roman Baths and Roman spa. The Roman spa has been well preserved to retain its ancient glory.
Canterbury is another most sought after destination in England. It is traveled mainly for its glorious ancient records and amazing walkways. You can venture out on a foot tour to this cathedral city to reach West Gate Tower and to bask in the panoramic views of the surrounding regions.

Tips for London Tours

There are certain things you need to follow while searching for an ideal tour itinerary. One of the most important steps is that you must first determine the length of your trip. Whether you would be in the city of London on an extended holiday or a short vacation, you have to plan this out in the beginning. It will help you in getting a customized tour package. The sightseeing tour schedules are incorporated in an itinerary according to your stay plans. If you are on a short trip, you can opt for a package that includes visits to all the major attractions of the city without making it hectic for you. In case of extended vacations, you can look for a package that not only focuses on major landmarks but other less important ones also.
Apart from this, it will be better to go for a plan that includes finest provisions for accommodations and transfers too. There are many travel agents who can design a comprehensive package for you that contain both accommodation and transfer facilities. Some operators even provide ticket bookings for flights also. You must look for the one that can meet your every need aptly.
At, you will find excellent options for London tour packages. The hotel bookings and flight booking services can also be availed at this comprehensive web portal. If you really want to make your trip to this elegant capital city of England a memorable affair of life, you must explore the opportunities that are available on 6london. From attractions to accommodations in London, you can look for any and every information here.

Tours to All Destinations

So whether its history and culture, art and literature, sports and games or shopping and entertainment that interests you, you can find it all on London tour packages with 6London. If you want to take a heritage walk around London or cruise on a Thames Ferry, visit the Tower of London or Wimbledon, shop at Harrods or see the exhibitions at the National Gallery, you can do it all and more on london travel packages with 6London.

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