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London Family Events

London Family Events are all about fun and entertainment for the entire family. There are numerous events, concerts, theme parks, parties which are held throughout the year in London where you can have great time with your family.

Lord Mayor Fireworks Show

Some of the major London Family Events include Lord Mayor's Fireworks Display on the River Thames. Several brave men pile up a large amount of explosives on barges and head towards the middle of the river.

It is held between Waterloo and Blackfriars Bridges, not far from the Houses of Parliament. The Lord's Mayor Show is held every year a procession makes it way to the heart of the city of London.
The procession leaves Mansion House at 11AM. The show is one of the great spectacles. It marks the day when the Guilds of London would celebrate their prosperity and the Lord Mayor paraded in a special gold carriage. Today the parade is colorful with floats, bands and processions and makes it way through the city.

The Snow Queen Christmas Show
The Snow Queen is a magical Christmas Show held at The Theatre Royal Stratford East on various dates of the year. The Snow Queen is a new version of the classic story by Hans Christian Andersen by Hope Massiah.
The Theatre Royal Stratford East continues keeps the tradition going that was established by Joan Littlewood half a century ago, which stood for how a Victorian building can be part of the continuing revitalization of an area in times of shifting communities.

Great Christmas Pudding Race London Family Show
Great Christmas Pudding Race is another major London Family Show where celebrities and members of the public take part in fancy dress and race around Covent Garden's East Piazza avoiding novelty obstacles and carrying a Christmas pudding. There is live music and entertainment before the race. Funds are also raised during the event for the Cancer Research Campaign.

A starry production of the Mother Goose is held at The Hammersmith Town Hall. The matinee show caters for children while the Saturday night comprising a "hot, sweaty jungle filled with scantily clad Amazonian women and bizarre animal characters" is aimed at adults only. Friday and Saturday evenings also feature a live band after the show and has a feel of a nightclub.

There are numerous other fun filled family events in London. For more information on Travel to London visit
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