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London Transport

London metropolis is a city of stupendous dimension. The sheer enormity of London is baffling to the first time visitor and needless to say moving around in London is indeed a daunting task if you are not well aware of the city's public transport system.

Popular Public Transport Modes in London

There are several options for Public transport in London:

The Tube (London Underground):

The Tube is the first underground rail network in the world and is one of the best ways of exploring the sights and sounds of this bustling capital city of Great Britain.  more..

Buses in London: The red London buses are an integral part of London's landscape. Buses ply even at night from Trafalgar Square.  more..

Taxis in London: In order to become a cab driver in London, one has to undergo one of the world's toughest cab driver's exam - "The knowledge". If you hire a cab, it makes sense to share the cab with other fellow passengers. That way the fare comes down dramatically. more..

Mini Cabs in London: Mini cabs are among the cheapest ways of travelling around in London. There are two ways of hiring a minicab. One is through phone call and the other is by paying a personal visit to the nearest minicab office.  more..

Trains in London: Trains are not as popular as the Tube but they can be very convenient with tourists. There is not much of a rush as far as train travel is concerned and it is a lot cheaper as well when compared to the Tube.  more..

Thames Ferries in London: Historically the River Thames has played a pioneering role in London's commercial growth till the 1950's. But with the emergence of deep-water ports, the bulky ships have found anchorage elsewhere which meant that River Thames became the ultimate pleasure and cruise hot spot of U.K.  more..

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