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London is one of most visited cities in the world. Boasting of a rich cultural and historical heritage, it is visited by a millions of tourists and business travelers from all over the world. London is a city that is interspersed with countless attractions ranging from museums to historical and cultural landmarks. If you want to visit the attractions of the city, then you have to avail the London Attraction Tickets. Different landmarks and entertainment sites in the city offer tickets, with the help of which you can have access to these sites. Some of the major attractions in London, which offers entertainment tickets, are Madame Tussauds
(from 15.99 for an adult and from 11.99 for a child), Tower of London (from 15.50 for an adult and from 10.50 for a child), St Paul's Cathedral (from 8.00 for an adult and from 3.50 for a child), London Dungeon (from 15.95 for an adult and from 12.95 for a child), London Aquarium (from 8.75 for an adult and from 5.25 for a child), and Kensington Palace (from 11.00 for an adult and from 7.20 for a child).

In order to make your vacation smooth and hassle free you can also purchase the London Pass which gives you limitless access to numerous attractions in London. You can also avail the Great British Heritage providing you the chance to visit 600 properties throughout the United Kingdom. The price of the pass is 30 and the validity of the pass is seven days from your date of purchase. And if you want to avail discounts, then you can buy the London Less card that will enable you to avail discounts at over 200 establishments that includes theatre, concerts, opera and ballet tickets.

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