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London is a city which is always bustling with activity; infact it is one of the liveliest cities in the world. One of the oldest cities in the world, London boasts of countless sites that bear testimony to the city's cultural and historical heritage and other attractions that are common in any of the sophisticated cities of the world. It is also attracts a large number of tourists from all the seven continents of the world. Amongst the transportation systems available in the city, London Car rental is extremely popular with the tourists. There are numerous car rental companies that will allow you to hire a car and go for a trip of the London and the adjoining area of the cities.

Some of the major car rental companies in London are 121 Car Rental, 1st Choice UK Car Rental, A2B Car Hire, and Apex Car Rental. These companies offer you a variety of cars to choose from, ranging from limousine to vans.

The car rental system is perfect for the tourists to see the major attractions of the city like Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and Madame Tussauds. You can also tour the surrounding countryside and visit places like the university towns of Oxford and Cambridge, Windsor Park and Kew Gardens. Therefore London car rental is the best way to feel the spirit and mood of the city; infact the car tours of the city of London adds a different dimension to the city of London. If you are constrained by your budget, you can relax; there are also many car rental companies in London that offer cars at cheap and moderate rates.

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