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London Travel Tips

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London is a cosmopolitan city and there exists a fine harmony between the Third and First worlds. It is a city of contrasts, of chauffeurs and beggars and the working class and the avant-garde. The city is huge as it is unplanned. But therein lies the charm of London. For a first time visitor who embarks on a city tour of London, he or she won't know where the hell one is going, but at least the names will look reassuringly familiar. Useful Tips for Traveling London 6london offers travel tips on London, for tourists to London:
  • The best time to visit London is from April to September.
  • Londoners are reserved in manners, dress and speech.
  • Londoners are conservative and stick to their traditions.
  • They are polite and very disciplined.
  • Londoners have a great sense of humor.
  • Britain's national pastime is to agonize over the weather.
  • Keep yourself abreast with latest updates on airfares and look far promotional fares offered by airlines.
  • Be loyal to one airline for the entire trip to receive a round-trip discounted fare.
  • Say please and thank you whenever appropriate.
  • Never ask personal or intimate questions.
  • Never call England "quaint".
  • Never greet people with a kiss if you have never meet him/her before.
  • Never discuss politics or religion in Public.
  • In London, accommodation will be your most expensive item.

Try to coincide your visit to London during special events, particularly during the following events:

  • Oxford/Cambridge University Boat Race on River Thames is held late in March.
  • The FA Cup takes place in May.
  • Wimbledon in late June.
  • Henley Royal Regatta also in June.
  • The Chelsea Flower Show in May.
  • The Trooping of the color pageantry in mid-June.
  • Glastonbury Music Festival in June.
  • Notting Hill carnival in late August.

  • London is regarded by many as an expensive city for tourists. But please bear in mind the fact that entry to all of London museums and art galleries like Tate Modern and National Gallery are absolutely free with no strings attached.
  • If sight seeing is your agenda, without any hesitation go grab that London Pass or even the Heritage Pass, which provides you access to more than 600 historic monuments and gardens.
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