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Wimbledon 2011

Wimbledon is the most prestigious and oldest tennis tournament of the world that is held every year. The tournament is played on grass and is believed to be the greatest event in tennis. If you have been regular on a Wimbledon tour then it must be known to you that it holds the fourth rank amongst the important tennis tournaments held annually. It is popularly known as "Grand Slam" tennis event. As per the Wimbledon 2011 schedule, Wimbledon 2011 is scheduled from 20th June to 4th July.

Wimbledon 2011 Events

Now, that Wimbledon 2011 dates are clear to you, let us now proceed towards the events that this tennis tournament comprises of :
The five primary events include-
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Ladies' Doubles
  • Gentlemen's Doubles
  • Ladies' Singles
  • Gentlemen's Singles

  • The junior four events have been divided as-
  • Boys’ doubles
  • Girls’ singles
  • Boys’ singles
  • Girls’ doubles

  • Wimbledon 2011 Tickets

    The tournament is named so because it is held every year in Wimbledon, South London in England. Wimbledon tickets are sold well in advance through the Public ballot. However, entering into the ballot doesn’t necessarily imply that you can avail the tickets. Instead, a draw is conducted either in Centre, No.1, No.2 or No.3 Courts.
    You need to start submitting the ballot applications soon so as to avail the tickets because Wimbledon 2011 tickets are available as early as 1st August 2010 to 15th December 2010. By March end, successful candidates will be called for main balloting. Declined or returned tickets are re-balloted to the Championships; hence if you don’t get through the main ballot, there is nothing to worry as it will be considered at every ballot process stage. On an average five hundred tickets are reserved on a routine basis at the turnstiles for Days 1 to 9 for both Centre Court as well as No.2 Court. Additionally, approximately five hundred tickets are available for thirteen Days for No.1 Court.

    Thousands of Ground Admission tickets can be availed everyday. However, the number varies based on the total number of people in the grounds, the weather as well as the total number of courts. If you are a member of the British tennis then a direct entry into an elite ballot that is held on 1st March every year is certain. For show court tickets in Wimbledon 2011, you need to contact your nearest LTA affiliated organization. No information is available till late May about the availability of debenture seats. These are the Wimbledon tickets which can be gifted or sold legally.

    There are some tickets that are reserved for the overseas package tours and corporate hospitality and you need to contact the club or its licensed agents for checking their availability. There are many online resources through which you can book your ticket online. In addition to this, there are different tickets that are sold via the Lawn Tennis Association or LTA to its allied tennis clubs, schools, foreign tennis associations and membership schemes.